▸ Southbound: get off 324 km Dawan Interchange, National Highway No. 1 and turn right → Fuxing Road (connect to Siaodong Road) → pass through railway underpass, drive to the end and turn left on Beimen Road → turn right on Chenggong Road when you reach the roundabout → go straight on Chenggong Road until you pass Haian Road, then turn left on Kangle Street → go straight on Kangle Street and after you pass Minsheng Road and 7-11 convenience store, continue to go straight ahead for 50 meters → D.D Hotel will be on your right hand side

▸ Northbound: drive on Sun Yat-sen Expressway (National Highway No. 1) and connect to Provincial Highway 86 at 330 km after you pass Rende Service Area → bound for Tainan, get off at Tainan/Wanli Interchange and turn right → go straight on Section 1, Yongcheng Road → connect to Xialin Road and go straight ahead → connect to Haian Road → go straight ahead until you reach the corner of Minsheng Road and turn right on Section 2, Minsheng Road → turn left on Kangle Street


A.Transfer to Tainan City Bus

▸ Walk to Tainan City Bus Station (Tainan Railway Station South Station), take bus no. 14 and get off at Intersection of Jhongjheng Road and Kangle Street (Chinatown stop) → walk along Jhongjheng Road and go straight forward → turn right on Kangle Street

▸ Walk to Tainan City Bus Station (Tainan Railway Station North Station), take bus no. 0 Left and get off at Chinatown stop (Jinhua Raod) → continue to go straight forward → turn left on Jhongjheng Road and walk to the corner of Kangle Street

B.Transfer to taxi (about 10-minute drive)

By High Speed Rail

A.Transfer to THSR Shuttle Bus

Take THSR Shuttle Bus at Exit 2 → take H31 Tainan City Government Route → get off at Xiaoximen stop → turn left on Fuqian Road → turn right on Kangle Street → (walk for 8 minutes and reach the destination after getting off at Xiaoximen stop)

B.Transfer to Taiwan Railway Shalun Line

THSR Tainan Station Exit 1 → take Taiwan Railway Shalun Line → Tainan Railway Station → transfer to Tainan City Bus (please refer to the information “By Train – Transfer to Tainan City Bus” above)


Get off at Arsenal Factory Transfer Bus Station

Transfer to Tainan city bus ▲Tainan Park (Gongyuan Rd) bus stop and take bus no. 0 Left/11/18/Tainan Bus Blue Line → get off at Intersection of Jhongjheng Road and Kangle Street → turn right on Jhongjheng Road

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